Signia Cream Narcissus Beauty


The total anti-aging care cream makes skin blossom with youthfulness with the powerful vitality of 3 million Narcissus Plant Cells

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SIGNIA CREAM <span style='color:gray;'>NARCISSUS BEAUTY</span>

Narcissus plant cells for smooth and supple beautiful skin

HERA SIGNIA CREAM is the fruit of Amorepacific’s 50 years of research into plant cells. Three million narcissus plant cells are put into one jar of cream. Restore the natural health and beauty of your skin through its remarkable skin improving effect.

Falling in love with your beautiful younger-looking skin

With rich and smooth melt-in texture along with the delicate scent of narcissus, it lends suppleness to the skin and keeps it smooth and moisturized. See how your skin can bloom again with youth.

Skin improving effect of anti-aging SIGNIA CREAM

SIGNIA CREAM treats the signs of skin aging to give significant improvements to the skin.