Perfect Cover Base


Makeup base that covers uneven skin tone brightly, and Pollution ShieldTMprotects the skin.

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VOLUME: 35ml

◾ Dual Correcting System™
Dual Correcting Technology covers bumpy skin as well as skin tones for a perfect skin texture.
◾ Nano sized fine wax film
When applying the skin, the nano sized fine wax film forms a wax film that provides moisture and prevents the loss of moisture to the outside.
◾ Natural cover like original skin tone
No. 1 Light Green to corrects redness of the skin No. 2 Light Purple to correct yellowness of the skin

◾ Use during the makeup base or foundation stage after completing your skincare routine, or apply when you need sunblock or when retouching makeup in the afternoon. (May be used before or after makeup)
◾ Before makeup, take the product onto the puff, then pat lightly.
◾ After makeup, take a generous amount on the puff, then tap lightly along the skin’s texture.