Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Cream 70ml


This cream offers deep skin nourishment through the benefits of Honey! Our Intense Nourishing system includes 6 types of premium honey blend to replenish, protect and lock in moisture for a healthy, supple complexion. Used day or night, this luxurious cream glides on smoothly to give skin a vitality and will support & strengthen the skin’s barrier.

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VOLUME: 70ml

◾ A velvety cream that features a premium combination of flower, propolis and honey to nourish skin for a fresh, radiant complexion.
◾ Enriched with 6 kinds of honey nutrients (Honey ,Beeswax, Royal ◾ Jelly, Honey Butter, Honey High Drop, Propolis)
◾ Deeply moisturize and nourish while boosting skin vitality to create smooth, radiant skin which is fully nourished yet without any stickiness
◾ Help form skin protective barrier to soothe and reduce skin stress for healthy skin condition
◾ Whitening & Wrinkle-improving functional product.

◾ At the last stage of skin care, spread a moderate amount over facial area and gently dap for absorption.