Hot Burning Body Gel


Body gel helps make a perfect body shape by tightening skin up. It provides elasticity to your body skin by tightening skin up. Gel texture provides moisture, absorbing to skin with freshness after massaging.

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VOLUME: 200g

◾ Tea tree and bitter orange extracts help create a slim body silhouette
◾ Restoring elasticity to the skin
◾ The Hot Burning Body Gel is a shaping and firming formula for a beautiful bodyline
◾ Porous powder with low density spreads evenly & thinly without pilling or crack
◾ It can make fine eye lines as well as bold eye lines
◾ It contains Ishige Okamura, Bitter Orange Extract, Green tea, Menthol, and Capsaicin ingredients to give a refreshing, cooling as well as a heating effect
◾ The relieving and calming Gel gives care to areas with body fat and cellulite for a smoother skin surface

◾ Towel dry after showering and massage gel over desired areas in a circular motion
◾ Wash hands after use to avoid irritation
◾ Do not shower or apply warm water to areas for 1 hour after application to avoid possible irritation

1. Hips Massage from bottom to the upper side.
2. Stomach Massage clockwise, drawing a circle.
3. Upper Arms Massage from bottom to upper side as if pushing up.
4. Thighs Massage from bottom to upper side as if pushing up.

1. Only use on the dry body.
2. Working out after applying would provide a better effect.
3. Your skin may turn red; however, it is because the active ingredient is absorbed into the skin.
4. Be careful with hot water within an hour after applying.
5. Storing in a refrigerator in the summertime may give you a more cooling feeling.