HB Factory Salicylic acid Advanced Cleansing Foam


It has an exfoliating agent that will remove acne-causing bacteria with other dead skin cells and improve different types of breakouts including whiteheads and blackheads. Helps smoothen your skin’s texture by reducing the appearance of post-acne marks and improving your skin’s surface.

  • Product Code: HB021
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  • Fahima Haque 24/04/2022

    ei cleanser ta bhalo but face ta dry kore feel. Moisturizer use korte hoy shathe shathe.

  • Alisa Shahariar 26/03/2022

    Good cleanser.

  • Jannat Maha 24/04/2022

    Amar skin a onek guri guri uthto. Salicylic acid facewash suggest korechilo. ! mash dhore bebohar korchi, khub valo folafol peyechi.