HB Factory Collagen Brightening Cream


This lightweight formula of Collagen Brightening Cream gets absorbed into your skin completely to stimulate skin renewal, battle the signs of aging, boost collagen production, and plump up your skin. It also promotes collagen production and tightens your skin.

  • Product Code: HB004
  • Shipping: Within 1 Week


  • Piyasha Rahman 24/04/2022

    Thank you Shijang for this cream.

  • Brishty Kona 11/02/2022

    Using this cream for 1 week. Already loving it.

  • Rajia Shabnam 25/03/2022

    Onek khojar pore bhalo ekta collagen cream paisi. Highly recommended.

  • Misha 21/04/2022

    Very good product, I use it 2nd time