HB Factory Acne Controlling Ampoule


HB Factory Acne Controlling Ampoule contains Salicylic Acid that penetrates deep into pores, helps to purify and exfoliate by removing dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin, preventing breakouts, increasing the resilience of your skin making it able to protect itself and able to fight off toxins and free radicals.

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  • New Moni 26/03/2022


  • Emma Islam 31/03/2022

    love this product. amar 6/mash dhore hotat korei acne hoisilo. Then eta use korlam. Alhamdulillah onekta better hoyeche.

  • Shaiti Alom 24/04/2022

    Must have item if you are suffering for acne.

  • Liza 16/03/2022

    HB Factory Acne Controlling Ampoule ta just wow ekta product. Acner jonno best serum.