Green Vita C Sparkling Serum (30ml)

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The Green Vita C Sparkling Serum contains Vitamin C and moisture capsules that explode when applied to the skin. This product will assist in fading hyperpigmentation, spots, and scarring and brightens dull, lackluster skin tone.

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PRODUCT NAME: Green Vita C Sparkling Serum

BRAND NAME: Tonymoly

VOLUME: 30 ml

FORMULA: Clear, Gel-based, Liquid formula

FRAGRANCE: Natural floral

EFFECTS: Hydrate, Moisturize, Lighten up dark spots, pigmentation, and acne scarring

◾ Delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin. 
◾ Contains Vitamin C
◾ Harmful Ingredients Free

◾ Sparkling serum with sparkling shimmery moisture capsule with soft melt for glowing skincare
◾ Essential ingredient + moisture ingredient pang pang! Real active brightening care
◾ Iceland moss extract 60% gives effective moisture supply 
◾ Tangerine green freshness, fruit-scented pure extract vital-brightening
◾ Low temperature extracted to reduce the damage of organic acids and vitamins from the heat.
◾ Moisture capsule pops and delivers moisture quickly for moist skincare.
◾ Minimize the appearance of dark spots
◾ Stimulate cell renewal and brighten the dull skin
◾ Lighten up dark spots
◾ Replenish volume and moisture retention in delicate skin areas
◾ Boost hydrating effect and deep moisturizes
◾ Reduce pigmentation and increase glow
◾ Increases skin elasticity.

Tangerine peel extract, Iceland moss extract (50%), AQUAXYL ingredient, Peppermint extract, Allantoin, Centella Asiatica extract, xylitol glucoside,

◾ Apply appropriate amount and pat gently for absorption. 
◾ Reapply thin layer onto blemish areas. 


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