FEEL THE GREEN TEA SHAMPOO (For Normal & Dry Scalp) - 500g -


ANTI HAIR LOSS HAIR CARE AND TREATMENT : The green tea from clean Jeju island fields’ contains amount of amino acids that are the building block of proteins and necessary for hair growth. Not only does it facilitate healthy hair growth, but they also help in stimulating new hair growth

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VOLUME: 500gm

◾ Shampoo for a cleaner scalp environment
◾ Lightweight finish by silicone oil-free formula with nourishing effect for hair and scalp that has been weakened by stress and unhealthy environment, revitalizes and cleanses the scalp
◾ Solution differentiated by scalp type
◾ [REFRESH] For oily scalp: Cleanses excess sebum and waste matter
◾ [MOISTURIZING] For normal/dry scalp: Improves the scalp’s moisture retention
[SENSITIVE] For sensitive scalp: Feels mild and gentle with reduced scalp irritation

◾ Use once a day. Wet the hair and scalp with lukewarm water, dispense an adequate amount on the hand and apply evenly across hair and scalp. Rinse off thoroughly.

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