Exceptional Eau De Parfum


EXCEPTIONAL EAU DE PARFUM, dedicated to the unique beauty of Asian women and their special moments

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Eau de Beaute

Eau de Beaute means beauty water and HERA's Eau de Beaute is a luxurious body fragrance that accentuates female beauty. A modern, sophisticated fragrance for women who shine with self-esteem.

The story about Eau de Beaute

An alluring fragrance of Eau de Beaute developed in association with a famous perfumery at Firmenich, one of the world's three largest perfumeries. When it touches the skin it leaves a delicate, deep scent. Eau de Beaute expresses the sophisticated, elegance of women in full blossom.

Another attraction behind the luxurious scent,
Eau de Beaute is it gives a luxurious, rich fragrance while also moisturizing the skin. It contains richly moisturizing ingredients that moisturize and soften the skin, while extracts in the base water boost the effect of body skincare.