Lebelage Heeyul Premium Snail BB Cream 30ml

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Short Description: Authentic From South Korea
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Snail mucin was a real breakthrough in the field of cosmetology. The product line from Lebelage has combined the properties of foundation and anti-aging remedy.

Heeyul Premium Snail BB Cream - an innovative product allows you to create a perfectly smooth tone and at the same time have a therapeutic effect on wrinkles. The tool perfectly adapts to the natural color of the skin and creates a perfectly smooth coating. The product protects skin cells from moisture loss and flaking. Light melting texture will not leave a mask effect on the skin, and the makeup itself will look natural and relaxed. In addition, the unique technology of the product does not clog pores and leaves the skin matte throughout the day. The natural composition of the product does not cause irritation and gently softens dry skin. At the same time, the cream hides peeling, pigmentation and minor imperfections of the skin even when applied in a single layer. Perfect for going to the beach or a pool party. Even with the ingress of water, the cream stays in place and does not roll.

Snail mucin (mucus) - has a powerful rejuvenating effect, smoothes relief and eliminates wrinkles. It gives the skin a fresh and healthy look.


Volume: 30 ml.


Mode of application:
Apply a few drops of cream on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Blend with a brush or sponge.