SKIN WATCHERS AC Clearing Foam Cleanser 100 ml Foaming Facial Wash

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Skin Watchers - Lucid White Foam Cleanser


This product is made of vegetable natural preserving agent without paraben.
We have minimized the amount of chemical surfactant, so you will probably not feel much foaminess.
But If you add some water and rub your palms, you can wash your face with plentiful foam.
You may use less of this cleanser than of other products.

For now, 99% of foaming cleansers on the market online or offline contain paraben regardless of brand names.
Among all foaming cleansers in the world, there are less than 0.1 of products without paraben or ethanol.
Please compare our components with 99% paraben foam cleansers!
We have minimized unnecessary chemicals.
Also with 7-Free System, Parabens free, alcohol free, colouring free, oil free, talc free, Phenoxyethanol free, benzophenone free, you can use on sensitive skin.

Brightening care of dark skin with moisturizing effect!
You can wash your face with minimal usage, and the fine, soft foam would cleanse your face without stimulating your skin.

Vegetable morus bark extracts helps brighten tired and darkened skin while moisturizing.
This product cares for the inside of your pores with a natural plant surfactant.
Make-up residue and unnecessary dead skin cells can be softly eliminated while cleansing.
It removes excess sebum clearly, and the natural extracts wash the insides your pores.
It includes vitamins and minerals in green tea extract, flavonoid and these components calm the stimulation caused by skin trouble.
Also it cares for your exhausted skin with a protective moisturizing film after cleansing.

Recommended for you!
We recommend this product to these kinds of people.
We recommend this product for those who :
are worried about chemical components like Paraben due to sensitive skin get that feeling of 
tightness after face washing due to dry skin have blemishes caused by excess sebum are worried 
about residues in the pores want soft and abundant foam.

Skin Type
Dry skin type / Trouble skin type


How to use
When you cleanse your face, please take a small amount of cleanser and make a foam with a little water, and massage it into your face.
After cleansing, rinse your face several times till no foam remains.