Etude House Color My Brows Mascara 4.5g

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Pure Liar Browcara Controls Tomboyish Eye Brow!

Take a closer look at pure liar browcara.

Control uneven eyebrow that looks like pine caterpillar

- Creates solid eyebrow that remains for a long time as it makes even eye brow

by brushing with Soft-hold gel type that is not sticky or harden.

- Easy to touch every single eyebrow as it is slim mascara type.


Dye black eyebrow

Too strong or too light color of eyebrow that does not suit for hair color is No Good! 

Pure liar browcara completes sophisticated look as it dyes eyebrow with natural color.  

Usable for both strong or light color of eyebrow so you can select the color that suits for your hair color.



How To Use


Step 1:  Stand brush up and gently touch to color in the opposite direction of its texture till 1 cm before the front part of eyebrow.

Step 2 : Brush again from the front part of eyebrow to the end and make the front part stand.

Tip : In case of thin eyebrow or non-shaped eyebrow, Use eyebrow pencil to make a form of eyebrow first and use pure liar browcara to create abundant, clear and natural eyebrow.