Jenny House Perfect Skin Pro Cover Foundation

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Korean Cosmetic Perfect Skin Pro Cover Foundation 
Original 8g + Refill 8g + Artist Brush 1ea 

24 hours Every Wrinkle Cover !



Effortless, Weightless, True to Your Skin.

Wrinkles Care/ Whitening/ SPF50+PA+++

" A fantastic combination of foundation and essence of the core stick
 Are covered with no faults are in close contact with the skin.

Represents a bright skin. "

* Essence Core *

 1) Contains 7 kinds of Vitaims  7000mg  
2) It moisturizes the skin and smooth cover
3) Contains 10 kinds of plant Oils  
4) Contains 4 kinds of  patented Ingredients

* 15' Angle Artist Brush *

 1) Resilient flexible dual brush   
2) Represented smooth skin by a simple touch 
    3) It does not irritate the skin    
4) Can be cleaned separately.