The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream 50 ml

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 The Skin House [ Wrinkle Snail  System  Cream ]   50 ml

*Replenishing, Nourishing, Anti-Aging,  Anti-Wrinkle,  Firming,  Skin  Revitalizing.

 >Ultra Silky Cream for Repairing

>for all Skin Type
> Products  Description 

 - This products is containing snail mucin & adenosine.

  So it is effective skin elasticity, skin hydration, softness, anti-wrinkle.

 - This product is recommended who people has lost elasticity skin, sensitive skin, rough skin, dry skin.

 - Nutrition Moisture Cream with 92% snail filtrate extract for firming effect

 - ECO CERT certificate organic Ingredient

 - Collagen, Skin Regenerating Factor, Oriental Medicine Extract, Plant Stem Cell,  Amazon Ingredients

    Contained of soft and stable Squalane, it is good for skin smooth and bright care.

> Main Ingredient  

 - Green Tea,  Aloe Vera,  snail secretion filtrate,  adenosine

> Certification : FDA, GMP, MSDS


> How to Use 

 1. Before sleep, apply this at the last step of skin care.

 2. As Massage Gel for sensitive skin after toner.

 3. As Soothing & Moisturizing Pack for 15-20 min after toner.